Swinerton Mass Timber (SMT) is a division of Swinerton Builders, a consistently-ranked ENR Top 20 General Contractor servicing the US Commercial Construction market since 1888.

We are 100% employee owned, which means that every team member with whom you engage has a stake in the work that we do.

Employee ownership translates into passionate and committed partners who truly care about the positive experience of our customers and partners, and the success of our projects.


The mission of SMT is to accelerate the mainstream adoption of mass timber construction by providing comprehensive engineering, procurement, and construction services in the US commercial construction markets.


We believe that collaboration is the key to success, and the most fun way to work.

We recognize the challenges of developing a project around a new structural system built from recently-introduced engineered wood products, and we are committed to bringing our experience and expertise to project teams that are seeking creative solutions to make a mass timber project financially viable.

Our efforts are directed toward reducing overall cost of construction through smart selection of structural systems, thorough and pro-active constructability reviews of construction details, mastery of the supply chain, embracing prefabrication, and thoughtful consideration for how a mass timber structure integrates with other building systems. We believe in value analysis to reduce cost while maintaining aesthetics and functionality of the design. Most importantly, we make mass timber pencil through developing high-performing teams that come to the table ready to exchange ideas, and communicate openly, honestly, and transparently.


SMT is a bridge between the mass timber manufacturing community and the general contracting community.

 As builders, we find that a smooth and efficient installation process is entirely dependent upon a pro-active planning process long before a single timber component is fabricated.

When we arrive on-site, we are reaping the rewards of all the decisions made in the months prior in our construction detail optimization, virtual coordination, procurement strategy, and logistics planning.

Our operation is designed to provide peace of mind that we have already built the structure once, virtually, before we lace up our boots and tie on our toolbelt.


SMT brings the sophistication and the bonding capacity of a large general contractor in the form of a specialized and nimble trade partner.

Financially Strong

As a 100% employee-owned company, pride of ownership drives us to deliver innovative solutions that go beyond the expected. Our clients enjoy the stability of a $4 billion nation company that has a single project bonding capacity of $500 million and an aggregate capacity of $2.5 billion.

Sophisticated Scheduling

We develop and manage large, complex general construction schedules, and have deep understanding of how the delivery of the structure weaves into the overall procurement and construction timeline. We build realistic preconstruction (design process, BIM coordination, procurement timelines, etc.) and construction schedules that reflect the specific procurement strategy and the site-specific conditions for each project.

Systems Integration

We think beyond the mass timber structure, considering the interface and smooth integration of the timber with neighboring building systems. We focus on the entire assembly for fire-rated gypsum systems, slab edge and window systems, and MEPF systems.

VD&C Coordination

As a technologically savvy builder, we have the ability and resources to coordinate the virtual design and construction of the entire building, in-house. Our self-perform work for mass timber, concrete and drywall has given us the in-field experience to problem-solve challenges of constructability, tolerances, and sequencing.