The mission of Swinerton Mass Timber is to accelerate the mainstream adoption of mass timber construction by providing comprehensive engineering, procurement, and construction services in the United States commercial construction markets.


We believe collaboration is the key to success, and the most fun way to work.

We recognize the challenges of developing a project around a new structural system built from recently-introduced engineered wood products, and we are committed to bringing our experience and expertise to project teams seeking creative solutions to make a mass timber project financially viable.

Swinerton Mass Timber is a division of Swinerton, a consistently-ranked ENR Top 20 General Contractor servicing the US Commercial Construction market since 1888.


“As the use of timber in building structures has increased significantly in past years, the Swinerton Mass Timber Group has become a valuable partner to KPFF and an advocate in the development of these types of projects. Having worked with them on several recent buildings using a variety of mass timber materials, I have experienced their group bringing a proactive approach and pragmatic detailing knowledge to preconstruction sessions with our design teams. Their focus has been on developing workable and economical assemblies with an intent to reduce costs and fiber material. This has been a meaningful complement to our structural designs which has carried successfully into construction.”

– Josh Richards, PE, SE, LEED AP | Principal for KPFF Consulting Engineers


“I’ve had the privilege of working with Swinerton on the development of our new Oregon Corporate Offices. This unique project truly responded to our desire to create a ‘People-First’ campus, from early site selection through construction, move-in, and adoption of our new workplace. It was very important to us that our new location provides a connection between the person, land, and building. With the great partnership of our construction and vendor teams, we were able to select a beautiful location with access to trails and ponds just outside our door.”

– Monique Little, Chief People & Corporate Administrative Officer for First Tech Federal Credit Union

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