Join Swinerton at the Mass Timber Conference

Swinerton Mass Timber is excited to be a Premier Sponsor for the 6th Annual International Mass Timber Conference for the 3rd year in a row.   The conference will be 100% virtual, March 30–April 1, 2021.

The International Mass Timber Conference is the largest gathering of mass timber experts in the world.  At the conference, you can explore the supply chain for cross-laminated timber (CLT), nail-laminated timber, glulam beams and panels, mass plywood panels, dowel-laminated timber, and laminated veneer lumber; and the opportunities and obstacles for mass timber in global design, manufacturing, and construction.

Register today to hear presentations from our experts and join us at the exhibit hall.

Topics we will be presenting on:

  • Virtual Tour of Hidden Creek and Wingspan
  • Track 4 Panel discussion:  So you Need to Insure A Mass Timber Building: What Now?
  • Track 4 Presentation:  Telling the Story and Shifting from Niche to Mainstream