Swinerton Mass Timber Panelist for Mass Timber Conference Webinar: Sustainability and Ascent, the World’s First 25-Story Mass Timber Building

On December 15, Swinerton’s Mass Timber’s Taylor Cabot joins the Mass Timber Momentum online seminar to discuss “Sustainability and Ascent, the World’s First 25-Story Mass Timber Building.” As part of the roundtable discussion, Taylor will speak about key insights on mass timber and sustainability and Ascent, the world’s tallest timber tower currently under construction in Wisconsin.  Joining the panel with Swinerton are:



Following the panel discussion will be a Q&A session.  This seminar is free.  Register Today.

Swinerton Mass Timber’s Role on the Ascent Project

Swinerton Mass Timber is acting as the turnkey mass timber supplier and install subcontractor on the Ascent project. We spent a year providing early design advice and our recommendations were critical to bringing the Mass Timber structure into the budget required.

“Our Mass Timber construction expertise assisted the developer and design team in optimizing the timber frame and bring costs down,” advised Project Manager Taylor Cabot. “When it came to potential team members who had the knowledge, experience, and track record, our team stood out as a valued partner.”

We are responsible for the supply of all mass timber components including Glulam columns and beams, galvanized steel connectors, CLT panels, and all associated components. The materials are all coming from Europe, and Swinerton is responsible for all logistics to bring the materials over and store them for just-in-time delivery to the site. Swinerton will be installing all mass timber components during construction, which is set to kick off in May 2021 and run through November 2021. In addition, our technical team assisted in overseeing fire testing, including sourcing the materials.

Mass Timber Expertise and Specialization

We brought specific expertise in wood fiber optimization, cost estimating, supply procurement, and research and development. With a project of this scale and ambition, there was a regular stream of challenges, but with the help from the design team, engaged owner, and our experience as a mass timber leader, we were able to navigate to a successful outcome.

With mass timber experience on the tallest and the largest residential and office projects in North America, to interior mass timber tenant improvements of concrete and steel framed buildings, we have the scale to assist clients of all sizes. We are excited by the opportunity to accelerate mass timber in commercial buildings and find unique ways to help.