Swinerton Portland is pleased to announce their recent award of the Washington County Event Center in Hillsboro, Oregon! Prior work completed in Washington County and with the City of Hillsboro established our reputation of being a collaborative partner, delivering quality projects, and exceeding client expectations.

The new $30 million facility will replace multiple event facilities on the County’s Fairgrounds. Combining mass timber and CLT panels will greet visitors in the lobby, while mega-trusses and structural steel will construct the event areas. Consisting of over 62,000 square feet, the main expo hall will house 200 tradeshow booths, four conference rooms, three meeting rooms, a commercial kitchen, and an outdoor exhibit area. Site work will begin in August, with construction starting in October. The building will be ready to host the 2020 “Big Fair Fun” of the Washington County Fair.

Congratulations to the pursuit and project teams: Preconstruction Manager William Silva, Senior Project Manager Andrew Georgesen, Project Manager John Ciepiela, Superintendent Nathan Weide, Project Engineers Ka’ula Kalawa and Troy Aitken, and Marketing Lead Danielle Ridgeway.