Demand for building with mass timber structural systems is increasing throughout the country. While Charlotte and other cities in the Southeast are not yet on the list of places with mass timber buildings, Swinerton’s team of mass timber experts see the emerging trend as a viable option for construction in the Southeast.

The viability of building with mass timber technology was a popular topic during last month’s AIA Charlotte “Experience Speaks: Mass Timber Design, Construction & Lessons Learned” conference – Swinerton leaders presented during the event. Based on Swinerton’s experience leading mass timber projects in various areas of the country as well as our local construction experience, we’ve identified the following two reasons as the key points on why mass timber is a viable structural solution moving forward throughout the Southeast.

1. Mass timber brings strong tenant demand. Developers with mass timber buildings point to the unique interior aesthetic as a key to netting top-of-the-market rents and high demand from tenants. Wood’s ability to warm interior spaces brings many benefits. Numerous studies have shown that using natural materials including wood in the interior of a building replicates the effects of spending time outside, increasing happiness and improving wellbeing.

2. With good counsel & swift action, mass timber is a smart business decision. When you deeply understand and closely monitor local factors including the supply landscape, building codes, manufactures and material costs, companies are well-positioned for financially-viable, successful mass timber projects. When considering mass timber, it is important to work with a trusted partner that remains current on the market big-picture and advises accordingly to drive value.

Swinerton recently officially launched Swinerton Mass Timber, a new business unit dedicated to building projects using mass timber technology. Swinerton Mass Timber is located in Portland, Oregon, with a second office in Greenville, South Carolina. The Swinerton Mass Timber team pursues new projects that are being developed with mass timber, and the team evaluates other project opportunities to determine mass timber solutions. Swinerton Mass Timber experts shape the paths for delivering financially-viable mass timber structures, working with project teams and key Swinerton partners across the nation to develop, design and deliver mass timber buildings.

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