Harder Mechanical Headquarters

Portland, OR


Harder Mechanical Contractors

Ankrom Moisan

AAI Engineering

Swinerton Builder 


  • General Contractor
  • Self-Perform Mass Timber


The new two-story, 27,090-square-foot office building serves as Harder Mechanical’s new headquarters. It utilizes a mass timber frame, glulam columns, and cross-laminated timber (CLT) floor panels—all of which was finished and installed by Swinerton Mass Timber.

The use of mass timber provides for a much lighter building versus traditional structural steel. As a result, the glulam beams utilize shallow concrete footings that only penetrate a few feet into the ground. Due to the building’s light weight, they are deep enough to provide for safety in the event of an earthquake. At the center of the structure, a framework of steel beams further keeps it seismically stable.

Skylights bring light deep into the center of the building, providing for an open space work environment that feels airy and welcoming. Large windows show off the timber’s warm tones, particularly when lit up at night. The exposed mechanical system was self-installed by Harder Mechanical themselves. It is clearly visible from the ceiling, as they wanted to showcase their industry-leading line of work.

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